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Attractions of Sukhum

botsadIt is the height time for vacations. Where to go to improve the health and have a useful holiday? People who have ever visited Sukhumi, never change their preferences. Probably it is not only because of the amazing air, the warm sea and great cuisine, Sukhum is rich with its attractions.

The botanical garden is the pride of the city

The Botanical Garden is situated in the city center, it is not only famous in the Caucasus, its unique plants are known in Europe. Many western tourists come here to admire the plants from all over the world, totaling more than five thousand species. All visitors try to visit the Botanical Garden, which has a history of over 160 years. Sukhum is proud of the Caucasian linden, that is over 250 years old.

As the botanical garden is known even to foreign visitors, the sightseeing tourists come here from different countries.

The Apery

Another institution of Sukhum is known all over the world. It is the apery. Its geographical location on the picturesque mountain is no less unique. The apery was founded in 1927 by the Russian scientist A.A. Ostroumov. Here you can see the different kinds of species (more than 300). In Sukhum you can see the monkey monument it is the only monument in the world, built for this animal.


The Muhajirs Quay

The quay is the most picturesque place in Sukhumi. If you stay in the most beautiful and elegant place in the hotel Ritsa, all the attractions are a stone's throw. The unique quay was built in the early 20th century. Not far from here there is the Constitution Square, the administration of the Shipping Company, the former hotel “Russia”, where the great Russian poet Yesenin liked to stay.

The other attractions

It is very difficult to list all the beautiful places of Sukhum because everything is beautiful here. For example, on the Peace Avenue the attention of visitors is attracted with the city administration building with a huge clock tower. The Leon Avenue is the most beautiful street in Abkhazia. It stretches from the sea to the mountains. It is not only pleasant but also interesting to walk here, palm trees, oleanders, other greens gives the unique flavor to the avenue.

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