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inetFree of charge Internet! Hasten to impart good news! We have tuned uninterrupted operation of free and unlimited Wi-Fi through the whole Ritsa territory as well as in every room! Now our guests will be able to check personal or work e-mail, download their vacation photos with kids taken in Abkhazia or even Sukhum walk or excursion video. They will be able to share their impressions and opinion on the vacation spent in our wonderful city without leaving their hotel room and wasting time searching for cybercafes.

sukhum ritsaHotel “Ritsa” in Sukhum is the most prestigious resting place for travelers and tourists. The fashionable hotel features a modern style, high level of service, the room interior and most importantly the ideal, and simply the best location. The hotel “Ritsa” is located on the historic quay, two minutes walk from the affectionate and warm sea.

For those who is not aware, the Muhajirs Quay is the main promenade of Sukhumi. The whole street is immersed in unique plants: eucalyptus, pines, oleanders. The hotel was built along with the quay, in 1914. This is truly a historic site, which is appreciated by visitors.

It is hard to choose what is better to describe: the attractions of Sukhum itself or the hotel as it is also the attraction of the Abkhazian town. It is an old three-storey building. It has all the modern holidaymaker needs: the Internet cafe, the patisserie, the European and national restaurants.

The hotel “Ritsa” is located near the sea adjacent to the Drama Theater and the famous fountain of Sukhumi. A short walk away there is a beautiful building, the “Russia” is a hotel of imperial times, which is perfectly preserved.

risa-staroeIn Sukhumi, just near the central quay there is a hotel “Ritsa”. The building with a legendary history symbolizes the ancient, even prehistoric Sukhum. At various times, the hotel served as a muse for artists, composers and writers. Many famous people have stayed here. The hotel changed hands and the name several times, but it has always been associated with a wonderful seaside holiday.

The “Ritsa” is surrounded by a halo of romance, the hotel's appearance, its unique architecture make it one of the most beautiful buildings in Abkhazia. The spirit of the early 20th century still lives in luxurious apartments, the past greatness can be judged by the preserved architectural details. The snow-white building basks in the sun rays. The building is located so that soft rays enter the room in the morning, and combined with the coolness brought from the sea, they give the most wonderful feeling of the Black Sea holiday.

The “Ritsa” hotel has been the main postcard view of Sukhumi since 1914. During the Soviet years, the building was constantly used, serious restoration and capital repairs were not carried out. Only recently, the “Ritsa” began to shine with fresh colors. Now the snow-white ensemble with elegant carvings emblazons on the background of the city fountains, which also have their own interesting history.

botsadIt is the height time for vacations. Where to go to improve the health and have a useful holiday? People who have ever visited Sukhumi, never change their preferences. Probably it is not only because of the amazing air, the warm sea and great cuisine, Sukhum is rich with its attractions.

The botanical garden is the pride of the city

The Botanical Garden is situated in the city center, it is not only famous in the Caucasus, its unique plants are known in Europe. Many western tourists come here to admire the plants from all over the world, totaling more than five thousand species. All visitors try to visit the Botanical Garden, which has a history of over 160 years. Sukhum is proud of the Caucasian linden, that is over 250 years old.

As the botanical garden is known even to foreign visitors, the sightseeing tourists come here from different countries.

The Apery

Another institution of Sukhum is known all over the world. It is the apery. Its geographical location on the picturesque mountain is no less unique. The apery was founded in 1927 by the Russian scientist A.A. Ostroumov. Here you can see the different kinds of species (more than 300). In Sukhum you can see the monkey monument it is the only monument in the world, built for this animal.

2721The hotel “Ritsa” is the most beautiful and romantic hotel in Abkhazia. The “Ritsa” has been a hallmark of Sukhumi since 1914, the year of its founding, preserving the unique atmosphere of the early 20th century after its recent restoration.

In 2014, the hotel celebrates the centenary of its founding. In honor of the anniversary, this year, every month, in the lobby there will be exhibitions of famous Abkhaz photographers and artists. For example, in April there was a photo exhibition called “Modern” by Abkhaz talented photographer Ibrahim Chkadua.

The basis of the photo project was the collection of women's clothing in the style of Art Nouveau by Rusudan Kobyakova. The magnificent photos by Ibrahim Chkadua open incredibly wonderful world of Art Nouveau. In this project, all costumes are made under the influence of the style of the 20s - the era of Art Deco and a little earlier Art Nouveau. The photos were printed not on the photo paper but on the wet silk.

Art Nouveau emerged in the Europe and America in the late 19th and early 29th centuries. In Abkhazia, the appearance of the Art Nouveau style coincided with the fast growth of industry in the Russian Empire and the development of the resort area on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus in the early 20th century. The major exporter of modernism in Abkhazia, of course, first of all, was the Prince of Oldenburg, who is considered to be the founder of the climate station, and later the resort of Gagra. It was on his initiative that the restaurant “Gagripsh” was brought here from Norway. It was brought disassembled and then it was assembled. This restaurant is considered to be an architectural masterpiece of the Art Nouveau style.

In Sukhum there are also some buildings in the same style. Although over a century they have survived through several wars. The modern is perhaps the only art world style presented in the architecture and interiors of Abkhazia, except for the “socialist classicism.”

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