Гостиница Рица

The infrastructure around the hotel “Ritsa”

sukhum ritsaHotel “Ritsa” in Sukhum is the most prestigious resting place for travelers and tourists. The fashionable hotel features a modern style, high level of service, the room interior and most importantly the ideal, and simply the best location. The hotel “Ritsa” is located on the historic quay, two minutes walk from the affectionate and warm sea.

For those who is not aware, the Muhajirs Quay is the main promenade of Sukhumi. The whole street is immersed in unique plants: eucalyptus, pines, oleanders. The hotel was built along with the quay, in 1914. This is truly a historic site, which is appreciated by visitors.

It is hard to choose what is better to describe: the attractions of Sukhum itself or the hotel as it is also the attraction of the Abkhazian town. It is an old three-storey building. It has all the modern holidaymaker needs: the Internet cafe, the patisserie, the European and national restaurants.

The hotel “Ritsa” is located near the sea adjacent to the Drama Theater and the famous fountain of Sukhumi. A short walk away there is a beautiful building, the “Russia” is a hotel of imperial times, which is perfectly preserved.


Not far from here there is the Dioscuri Quay which offers all kinds of entertainment: cafes, restaurants, discos, bars, etc. It turns out that the one wing of the hotel “Ritsa” is located on the famous quay and the other one is on the Leon Avenue, as much unique as beautiful.

The hotel “Ritsa”: everything is just a stone's throw

Five minutes of slow walk will take you to the Botanical Garden, which has no analogues in the world. Close to it there are many shops, Internet cafes, dry cleaners. The hotel “Ritsa” is the heart of Sukhum, the perfect place for youth, family-friendly activities and beach and even for business meetings.

The beach is located close to the hotel. It is made of small pebble. Two minutes walk from the hotel and you are on the pier at the yacht club “Apra” where you can rent a boat or even a yacht. Near the hotel “Ritsa”, just about 20 minutes walk, there is the source of “Marheul” famous for its useful and healing properties.

In short, if you stay at this place, everything is just a stone's throw, and it's so important if you do not like to spend time on the move.

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